A Subscription-Based Learning Platform For Busy Cyber Professionals.

CodeRed Is A Subscription-Based Learning Platform For Busy Cyber Professional

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 The world is an insecure place. Organizations are constantly being compromised with all sorts of attacks. The rapid rate of technology adoption by organizations that do not have a clear understanding of their cyber risks makes it even more challenging for them to remain secure. The shortage of qualified cyber skills across the globe make matters worse. While certain industry certifications do a decent job in developing the broad skillset of cyber professionals, we need to develop the micro skills of cyber professionals fast. 


How Our MicroDegrees Are Designed

 EC-Council’s MicroDegrees offer a unique form of learning experience that encourages a learner to acquire specialized skill sets in a relatively short amount of time. The MicroDegree engages the learner in over 200 hours of comprehensive deep-dive, hands on learning experience, enabling them to excel in their career. Since MicroDegrees are laser focused on a subject, they are ideal for developing both a cyber professional or a cyber team. It helps create critical cyber skills within a short span of time.